LCS have worked with organisations large and small and have produced results worth shouting about. Here are a few of the organisations that we have served and the comments from the people we worked with.

I had the pleasure to work with Marcellus in different projects and tasks commended to us. He is the example of a professional. He has complete command of his operation both strategically and tactically. Does the right thing and has a plan for every possible scenario. Marcellus exhibits all the personal and professional characteristics to be successful at any level. Has the confidence of his peers, subordinates, and leaders. Respected and sought out for advice and guidance. In the personal aspect, talking to him brings always interesting topics about situations not only work related. He is a complete gentleman and is very liked by all. His presence at the company left a mark that no one could erase. I always expected from him innovative ideas and an optimistic spirit in keeping things on the move. He was made for guaranteed success. – Carlos Lozano

I had the pleasure to work with Marcellus on Claire’s European field computer system upgrade project. His attention to detail, ability to coordinate activities in North America as well as Europe, and his ability to ensure we maintained our schedule and compliance to corporate and regulatory guidelines, made him instrumental for selecting the vendors we used to upgrade our equipment worldwide. Paul Donovan Marcellus is a seasoned professional being able to bring a multitude of good practices and ways of working to an organisation. He has a variety of skills from Programme/Project Management to Managing Teams and Motivating and Empowering people to deliver outstanding performance. – G. Singh

Whilst working with Marcellus at Homebuy I found him to be a honest and upfront person. I believe him to be a very knowledgeable person and his outgoing personality coupled with his general positive outlook made it a pleasure to work with him. Marcellus was a highly respected and valued member of the IT team – Karl Steadman

Marcellus is always motivated and enthusiastic about projects, an attitude which is contagious. He is honest, knowledgeable, a dedicated professional and a great communicator. I would happily work with him anytime – Ian Bowdler

Marcellus had a real in-depth knowledge of a talent management system we wished to implement. 10 years on it’s still going strong. He’s an extremely positive and proactive team player, quick to realise the issues and timescales to hand and just get on with the job. I’ve sadly not had another opportunity to work with Marcellus but I would do so like a hot. – Fiona Wright