Have you ever had a dream that seemed SO real that you aren’t (or weren’t) sure if it was a dream or if it was real?

When I was about seven I had an experience that I still, to this day, can’t be sure if it was a dream. 

As I slept, I recall the feeling that someone was in the room and was watching over me.  Not in a scary way, more in the way that I was being lovingly watched.  Then (here’s where it gets freaky) the person sat at the foot of the bed. 

I slowly opened my eyes and saw the person’s face.  It was strange (i.e. I didn’t know the face) and yet…. it was SO familiar.  As I looked at him, he smiled.  Not just a ‘pleasant’ smile, but a smile that was filled with love and deep, deep, compassion.  It was then, that it clicked….. the face seemed familiar because it had all of MY features – not as I was seeing myself then, but an older me.

My brain couldn’t take it and I was suddenly filled with fright.  I tensed up, but he just looked at me still smiling and tilted  his head as if he were facinated by my reaction.  I wasn’t ‘afraid’ of him, yet I knew that this just couldn’t be, so  I covered my face with the sheets and closed my eyes as I said a prayer.  

When I looked over the sheet again, he was gone.

Since that time I often wonder…. if I had had the courage to speak to ‘the old me’ what would I have asked?  Would I have listened to my own advice? 

From the other perspective – what would I have told the ‘young me’?  What words of wisdom could I have given in those brief moments that would keep him (me) on the straight and narrow?

Maybe all I could do is smile and hope that the love that I have for that young me would be evident from just looking into my eyes and letting him know that it would all turn out just fine.

I say all that to say this….

Every small decision that we take as a child shapes the person we become.  Every experience has contributed to making you the person you are today. Yet, we are still children when viewed from a more eternal perspective.  We still have the ability to make decisions that will shape our minds, our lives, our bodies and our destiny. 

That’s the thing about ‘free will’.  What we get for free can pay dividends or can cost us dearly.  Maybe if we see our current situation from a future perspective (where we want to be) the we can either give ourselves some good advice or trust that just seeing the future self will be enough to remind us that everything will be just fine.

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that….

How would the ‘young you’ describe the ‘current you’?  What advice would the ‘future you’ (the one that is safe secure and living the life that you dream) advise you to start doing, keep doing or stop doing? 

It might be good to take advice from yourself (your true self) every now and then.  Give it a try.