Certainty or a certain – T

We’re now well into a year  that started with optimism and the resolve to make this year better than the last.  So we turn on the television or radio and what do we get? Wars and rumors of war.  Civil unrest in the Middle East. More layoffs. 

So many people seem to be searching for ‘certainty’ in what they are getting – when another type of ” T ” would get them what they are looking for.

As a part of my personal development journey, I learned quite a bit from a number of notable personal development coaches and trainers.  One such person, Tony Robbins, says that as human beings, we all have a set of fundamental needs including certainty AND uncertainty.  Although this may, at first, seem contradictory, it makes perfect sense.  We want to know that we can get something, but if we get it consistently for a long time we get bored with it or take it for granted.

So, if you’re looking at 2011 and the path to achieving certainty seems to be like a maze…..  try this map.

While we realise that we want certainty, we can also realise that we get what we focus on.  So if we’re focused on the lack of certainty, we’ll be sure to get more of it.  So, let’s change the focus and use a map.

This map utilises a natural law:

The law of gratitude – When I’m grateful for what I have, everything that I get is a bonus.  This way, I get to enjoy what I have while I  have it, I also get the thrill from receiving whatever else may come.  I can be certain of that.

This map helps you to find other T’s that lead to certain-T.

I have a friend, Kate, who is SO very insightful, supportive, encouraging and inspiring.  She is a gracious and grateful person who utilises another type of ‘T’ to support others and build her business.  Kate starts many of her meetings by simply catching up with people over a cup of  T (tea).  This has become such a successful strategy that “Tea with Kate” is now one of her brands.  This is has become another way for her business to grow.

I have, personally, found that gratitude has put me in the right place to look for another type of ‘T’ ….. opportuni-T. 

When I’m in a place of gratitude I seem to be surrounded by new opportunities that call upon my creativity so that I can grow.  One such opportuni-T led Janet and I to be  hosts for two college students from China.  This gave us a chance to show hospitali-T  which, in turn, increased the income into our home. 

Both of these examples resulted from the act of being grateful followed by giving.  And because it is within our power to decide what we are willing to share and invest, we don’t have to feel apprehensive or at the mercy of fate.  We get certainty from knowing that we have to power to choose and make our destiny.

The end result is that we get the certain’T’ that we originally sought.

I say all of that to say this…

Fate is what happens to those who don’t exercise their free will for the benefit of themselves and others.  Destiny is the reward for those who do.

You can get certainty when you exercise your free will to choose to find a certain ‘T’

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that…

If you were more grateful for what you already have, how much more relaxed would you feel about your future? 

It’s a-maze-ing how quickly the stress about tomorrow melts away when you are grateful for what you have today.