How to write and engage in a meaningful, timely way (with less stress)

There are many who would say that “Authentic” and “Automation” could not be used together when referring to social media messaging.

There is a delicate balance and a fine line between convenience and connection.

I know this because I’ve walked the line and fell on many occasions.  Now I have a solution that is working for me and could be the lifesaver for many others who are where I have been.  Maybe you’re in a place where you recognise that social media is important and also realise that there are only so many hours in a day to do the other essential activities required to run a successful business.

What I’m saying is that many business men and businesswomen REALLY don’t have the time to devote to social media to get the results that they want.

This is the reason why many business people have opted to automate some of their messaging.

The downside of automating or outsourcing your social media messaging  is that you may spend more time broadcasting in a social, relationship based environments than they do listening and engaging.

Social media is meant to be “social”. This means having a healthy balance between broadcasting and listening/engaging.

But how?

If you’d like to know

  • What to write
  • When to broadcast
  • How to do it in an authentic way that has benefits to your time and your business, then read on.

There IS a way to automate specific types of messages and still retain a high level of authenticity. It’s called V3E and stands for Values, Vision, Views and Events.

This strategy also allows more time to listen and engage, therefore, putting the “social” back in your social media.

This video provides a high-level of my V3E strategy and was delivered to a few members of The Business Wealth Club in Birmingham.

Watch and enjoy

V3E at The BWC