About Me

Why I do What I Do

I’m passionate about partnerships and believe that we can achieve FAR more together that we can by ourselves.  I believe that partnerships based upon shared values allow real ‘win, win’ opportunities for all involved.

I believe that ideas are worthless if they are not implemented and that we often overlook the resources that are already available to us.

I challenge businesses to get more value from what they already have in order to create a more meaningful and fulfilling experience for their customers, employees and suppliers.

This, in turn, allows you to get MORE success, accelerate your growth and avoid many of the pitfalls, stress and pain that comes from going it alone.

How I Do What I Do

I work with business leaders and their teams as a coach, trainer and consultant to reconnect them with their individual values and vision to create a fresh, new common purpose. This, in turn, forms a strong foundation from which you and your team can collaborate and communicate more effectively to achieve your individual and collective aspirations.

What I Do

I work with you and focus on key areas of business operations to strengthen the foundation of the business to help you save money, increase profitability and make more money

I utilise proven, practical methodologies and tools in a series of one to one, one to few and group exercises to identify ‘blocks’ within the people and the teams.  I then develop a programme tailored to the organisation that creates higher efficiencies and exploits new revenue generating activities to further grow the business.

Your tailored programme and strategy can then be implemented as a

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) programme and I will support you as a coach
  • Do It With You (DIWY) programme and we will work together to achieve the objectives
  • Do It For You (DIFY) programme and I will organise and deliver the objectives for you

“I do what I do to position you for MORE success, by helping you to do more with less, leaving you stronger, more confident and more profitable.”

If you’d like to find out how I can support you in realising your ambitions and objectives, I would suggest that we meet for an i2insight session (in person or on Skype).  This is a 40 min session discussion specifically about YOUR business and looking at quick wins to grow, have more impact and make more money.  The qualify for that session you have to complete the following three steps

  1. Complete the questionnaire (takes 3 min) [ www.bit.ly/i2insight01 ]
  2. Select and make a donation to one of our four charities (min £10 donation)
  3. Book a meeting time with me [ www.bit.ly/i2ischedule  ]

During the session we are likely to discover ways for you to generate NEW business and more profitable customers. This will pave the way for increased cashflow and opportunities for you to invest in the business.

I look forward to hearing from you.