It’s another “T”

Today the word is “integri-T”  or just plain integrity.

What does it mean?  The assumption is that it means ‘moral soundness’ and yet it doesn’t always mean that.  In fact, someone could state that they are deceptive and selfish and by being consistent in their actions of being deceptive and selfish, they are demonstrating integrity.

When was the last time that you had an experience where a person (or organisation) that professed to care about you actually demonstrated the values they talk about?  How did you feel?  Whether you were impressed or even apathetic, I’m sure it didn’t leave you feeling angry or disappointed.

On the other hand, have you experienced a situation where a person (or organisation) professed one thing and did the opposite?  How did you feel after that experience?

Over the past months I’ve been dealing with an organisation that shall remain nameless.  The organisation is supposed to help members of the community through a range of support services – and on first appearance they do.  But as I’ve begun to see the inner workings, I’ve observed practices that are, let’s say, less than transparent and professional.  My experiences with the organisation has left me wondering “where is the integrity here?”  And then I had to question myself to ask “is it acceptable for me to stand by and say nothing?”

I was then reminded of my ‘eleven for eleven’ in which I stated that I would “stand up for what is right and stand against injustice”  But what’s the use when the people who don’t care are the people in charge of making the change?   But if I’m going to demonstrate integrity, I cannot be silent.

Let’s get back to one of the definitions of that I found;

Integrity as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome. People use integrity as a holistic concept, judging the integrity of systems in terms of those systems’ ability to achieve their own goals (if any). …

When we are at a place in our lives when we have done the hard work (and in my opinion, the hardest work of all) to hold ourselves to a standard, it is easy to get to a place where we have an expectation that others should be held to a standard.

I’m not saying that others should be held to my standard, but to their own.  And if their standards are not acceptable to me, then in order to maintain my integrity, I should move on and bid them ‘good day’

I say all of that to say this….

We all aspire to be many things.  We may not meet the standards we set everyday, but through working toward the standard consistently, we are able feel good within ourselves and be an inspiration to others around us. 

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that…

What do you stand for?  What values do you say are most important to you?  Today would be a good day to take another look at your actions to see if they line up with the values that you say are most important to you. By doing this, you will have that very special-T….. and it’s the word for today – “integrity”