“The Incremental Change Management (ICMS) embraces ‘best practice’ while recognising that many organisations struggle to achieve ‘common practice’”
– Marcellus Lindsay

Many consultancies are unable or unwilling to offer fixed price without hours of pre-sales meetings. This is, of course part of the proven sales tactics embedded in the old, slow moving sales process. The old process for securing consultancy services is burdensome, time intensive and ultimatley increases the cost to you when (or if) you decide to work with the supplier. Additionally, the supplier will rarely, if ever, be willing to measure and guarantee specific outcomes.

At LCS, we believe that you’re more interested in getting the job done and experiencing the benefits of a job well done. A such, we’ve leveraged over 100 collective years of industry experience to develop a fast, efficient and cost effective pre-sales experience.

If you’re tired of waiting for weeks, to spend months to get results, start the fast track assessment. Begin your journey and achieve results while the competition is still negotiating a starting date.

Our Fixed Cost Products and Services


Do It Yourself (DIY)* Done With You (DWY) Done For You (DFY)
Signpost Services Advisory and Training Consultancy & Delivery
Typical Duration 1 Day 10 weeks 3 – 6 months
Online Assessments
QualiFive™ Questionnaire Y Y Y
Online Change Readiness Assessment Y Y Y
Online Incremental Change Management Maturity (ICM3) Assessment Y Y Y
Consultancy Y
1:1 Discovery Session Y Y
Quick Start Mobilisation Y
Strategic Program Governance Y Y
Strategic Program Comms Y
Meetings that Matter Y Y
Essential Presentation Skills Y Y
Effective Comms Strategies Y Y
Project Planning for Non-PMs Y
Implementation Mastery Y
5x ROI Guarantee Y


* You can get a DIY package tailored to your specific needs and circumstances as part of a ValuedGiving™ package.

ValuedGiving™ allows you to access 1:1 consultancy and LCS will not charge you. Instead, LCS asks that you give a tax-deductible, donation to one of their chosen charity or the officially recognised registered charity supported by your organisation.








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