“If a change practitioner can’t measure their success in tangible terms, they’re not a practitioner…. they’re an advisor. Where I come from, a practitioner gets paid on what they get done rather than what they said. The same cannot be said for an advisor.”
– Marcellus Lindsay
Online Change Readiness Assessment [Valued at $ ]
The online assessment captures your responses to key questions about your current circumstances and produces a change readiness score. Additionally, you will receive a Strategic Change Roadmap (SCR) with the next best steps to more success.







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Your deployment has taken longer than expected and has not been well received. The benefits case for the project is being destroyed by the lack of user acceptance. The reputation of the project is being eroded each day the deployment...


You want your business to understand and use the outputs of your project You want the deployment to be fast, efficient and effective You want to have measurable, tangible metrics to prove the success of deployment LCS offer a team of...


You built a team but they have been unable to deliver as planned The delivery methodology proved to be impractical in this situation You had clear objectives but they changed and weren’t documented LCS offer a team of experienced delivery...