About Us

What We Do

The things we do to help you do more with less

Lindsay Consolidated Services (LCS) work with passionate leaders who want more for themselves, their teams and their businesses.

  • More income, fulfilment, productivity, insight, confidence
  • Less stress, doubt, frustration, confusion, imbalance

Lindsay consolidated services work with you to help you do more and get more with less.

LCS, we help you to do more with less.

This is possible because of the way that we or organised and structured as a business. Lindsay consolidated services is a family run business and a collaborative platform for seasoned professionals.
The leadership and founders of LCS each had over a decade of experience in their respective fields. Each leader had deep subject matter expertise from either running their own business or from working within world-renowned organisations.

Why We Do What We Do

The passion and drive behind our work and our legacy

We believe in the power of one.

One individual, one team, one organisation. Change and transformation begins and ends with the individual. When an individual works with other individuals with shared values, vision and passions; the impact can be global.

We believe that we can do more together than we can buy ourselves.

We understand that everybody has a special gift and talent. We leverage the power of science and personal insight to work with individuals and teams specific to each solution we deliver. We create a small high impact team to deliver life-changing solutions from a foundation of common values vision and passion.

Our name is on the top and the bottom line.

Many individuals had the luxury of cutting corners and failing to deliver. This is often because the ‘corner cutter’ doesn’t understand or take on the values of the organisation. If you have had an experience with a ‘customer service’ representative of a large corporate who may not have treated you well, then you will understand what we mean.

Lindsay consolidated services is owned and operated by individuals with the same surname “Lindsay”. As such we, recognise that a failure to deliver has an impact not only on the other individuals but on the name and the legacy that we have built together.

We run the organisation as a family. We hire people who have share, and demonstrate our core values. Each member of the organisation recognises that a family that wants to build a lasting legacy must pay attention to details that others can afford to miss. They also know that your last name doesn’t have to be ‘Lindsay’ to be treated like family.

This is the reason why we don’t take contracts purely on face/financial value. We take the time to ensure that we are working with the right people to get the best results for all involved.

We create win, win, win results.

Our Story

A brief insight into the story that brought us to where we are today.

In 2005 at a family event, a discussion began where we realised that there were common problems within each of our respective organisations that had the same root cause. We felt constrained in our current roles. We didn’t feel empowered to address the cause within the organisations in which we were working. At that time, we had limited influence to make the changes we felt were necessary.

This was a powerful shared insight. It inspired us to start a journey of individual personal and professional development to make changes at our current organisations. It also helped us to embrace the fact that we could get more achieved by working together than we could as individuals.

From this Lindsay Consolidated Services was born.

Through LCS we could address some of the pains and problems that we saw specifically in the delivery of consultancy services and facilities management.

This helped us quantify our “why” and identify how we were going to be different.

How we are different

An insight into how we distinguish ourselves from other professional consultancies. We may not be as large as the others but our results make our size and the competition irrelevant.
Just because things haven’t been right doesn’t mean it has to continue that way. Read on to see the difference between the status quo and a better way to go.

Too much paper, not enough profit (for the client)

What others do.

There are too many consultancies that (purely based on their size) charge exorbitant fees and only produce reports and documents that do not truly address the problem of the client. This leaves the client with less money in their pocket and piles of documents that merely restate the problem they already knew.

What we do.

We believe it’s more important to leave our clients with tangible profits.
Our work is to deliver tangible benefits and essential documentation. [Essential being that it is used and understood by its users]. Our reports and documents each have a purpose that educates informs and provides insight that can result in activities that achieve the agreed outcome.

Making clients pay for sky-high overheads

What others do.

After working at internationally renowned consultancies we have seen from the inside that the margins at some consultancies are artificially high. The margins and markups are created to cover operating expenses that have little or nothing to do with the result that is delivered to you, the client.

What we do.

We believe it is essential to run our organisation in a way that delivers the most value to you, the customer.
Our lean operating model means that can do this and still provide modest facilities to run our internal organisation and offer rewards to the individuals who deliver services both for our client partners and us.

We operate from the client site, home-based offices, or serviced offices business requires. We leverage communication and cloud technology maximise collaboration and minimise costs.
Our US and UK head offices leverage serviced offices that expand and scale back according to client needs. This means you are not paying for overheads that created before we met.
See our static locations and our global reach on our contacts page.

Too much practice, not enough practitioners

What others do.

We have seen clients spend hundreds of thousands of pounds and dollars for consultancy services from new graduates. Although well educated in theory, organisations pay big buck for the graduates to sit in the office each day to create reports and recommendations based upon “industry best practice”. This is, of course, all that they can offer as they do not (yet) have the deep industry insight and expertise that comes from years of delivery from the frontline. Typically, the young teams are led by someone who had (past tense) years of experience but has not truly delivered for some time.

This is a necessary part of the development of skills and it is right for someone to fund that experience. Question: Is this the best and most cost-effective way to solve YOUR problem right now?

What we do.

We believe that it is essential that all our practitioners have recent and relevant frontline experience in delivering the solutions and results they have been engaged to deliver.
Our consultants and associates have a strong blend of industry accreditations, real-world, recent and relevant frontline experience delivering our solutions.
Take a moment to look at the pedigree of our associates, partners and endorsed service providers.

Time-bound solution delivery

What others do.

Too many consultancies enter client organisations with the intent to expand their scope and lengthen the duration to support their own bottom line (typically a requirement of the larger consultancies, but not characteristic of all consultants).

What we do.

We believe it is essential to establish clear, written and tracked objectives achieved in a specified amount of time.*
*And yes, it is subject to the changes that life and business may throw at us along the way.
We seek to limit our time with any one client to a specific period at which we leave you equipped, empowered and enabled to take the work forward with your own team.
Take a moment to look at some of our high impact, fixed-price, time bound services.

Failure to tell the truth

What others do.

Too many organisations have too many people that do not give quality, verified and comprehensive information to leadership. Too many organisations are driven by personal politics and self-preservation. This becomes easier when it’s someone else (investors, shareholders or the owners) that are footing the bill.

Whether it’s through fear, intimidation, incompetency or complacency – the fact remains that there’s often an elephant in the room that is not discussed. This leads to poor decision making that wastes time, resources and money. The true impact of this dysfunctional behaviour is that it will cost someone their job.

It doesn’t have to be that way. This is where the intrapreneur makes all the difference.

What we do.

We believe that most of the people in leadership want the best for their teams and organisations. The best way to achieve this is creating a truthful environment and fill it with courageous leaders.
We recognise that many ‘leaders’ have difficulty accessing quality support and training to become better leaders because of the pressures and politics of being in a competitive corporate environment.

If you’re an intrapreneur that wants access to tools, strategies and resources to make a difference, then click here.