Books, films and lingerie

It’s a dark night and the young couple are stranded out in the woods.  They knock on the door of a dilapidated house, but before they even complete the second knock on the door they are confronted by a tall, dark and sinister looking character. “Come in” he says in a deep, resonant voice.  What happens next is a tale so scary that I cannot tell you anymore. 

Why?  Because your imagination has already set a scene and drawn together a series of events that are possibly more fantastic than anything I might write.  That’s the power of imagination. 

People with a gift for story telling are often most revered when they are able to direct the imagination of the audience and allow imagination to complete the journey to the emotions and reactions that the gifted artist intended. 

Some of the most thrilling books ever written have used this technique to capture the imagination of the reader and send it soaring.  This is why many avid readers find themselves disappointed when they see a screen adaptation of their favourite book.  A director of a movie has to work with the limitations of the camera, actors and a range of constraints that the imagination doesn’t have to contend with.

Alfred Hitchcock was a director who managed to use film to set the stage and story, but then allow the imagination of the audience to ‘fill in the gaps’ to create a wide range of powerful emotions.

Some people prefer books, some people prefer films – it often depends on how a person prefers to have their imagination released or directed.

This can also be said about one of the most basic human desires – that of a man’s attraction to a female.  Some men would prefer to see a woman in lingerie that to see nudity, why?  Because of what is left to the imagination.

I say all of that to say this….

Some people prefer to use their own imagination to tell a story, others prefer to relax the ‘imagination muscle’ and enjoy the ride by watching a movie. 

If you are able to capture and direct the imagination of others then you, too, will be held in high regard as a great story teller, author and the like.  This is an important and significant role in our society because these are the thought leaders that shape the opinions and direction of the masses.

Puzzle me this puzzle me that….

How often do you exercise your imagination?  Can you think of any speakers, authors, directors that presented an idea to you that inspired you?  As you think of those people, it should become evident that in order to inspire others, they had to be inspired.  Chances are that they, too, had to exercise their imagination to a point that it was strong enough to create a vision that would inspire others to help them share the vision.  This is the beginning of inspirational leadership.  If you want to lead others, begin by leading yourself – and it starts by doing it in your mind by using your imagination.