Smoke and mirrors

This is a phrase refers back to a time of charlatans and tricksters who would literally use smoke and mirrors to deceive gullible or desperate people into believing and seeing the ‘spirits’ of those departed.  The ‘victim’ of the confidence artists would present just enough evidence to make the story believable and then leave the rest to the imagination.

Believing is seeing

It’s amazing what we see when we have a strong belief about something.  Thirsty men see and oasis in the desert when, in fact there is nothing but sand.  People see malice in acts of kindness because they believe that the person performing the act has an agenda.

What we see is based more upon what we perceive and believe than it is on what could be called the ‘reality’ of the situation. That’s the thing about us, we see what we want to see and are willing to accept…. in others and in ourselves.  And what we see we make it our reality.  But what if we spent some time seeing things as we really, really wanted them to be – for ourselves and others.  Could we create a new life for ourselves based upon what we believed in our minds and images we saw? 

This is why visualisation is an important part of goal setting.  If you are able to see it in your mind, if you are able to imagine it, better yet if you are able to feel it then you are more likely to be able to achieve it.

What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.

I say all of that to say this….

There are people who have ‘vision boards’ at home and even in their offices.  There are others who would say that it’s a load of mumbo jumbo (and these people are often the biggest complainers about their lot in life). 

Whether you have a physical vision board or not, there had better be a vision.  A vision is the goal, it is the picture of where you want to be and the freedom and joy that you will experience once you have achieved the goal. First, you have to believe it.  That belief will be the reason that you keep moving and are able to see new opportunities, more options and more success.

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that….

What is your vision?  Schedule some time to either define or review your vision.  Then search out sources of inspiration and images related to that vision and put them somewhere that you can see them or have access to them.  Everytime you see these images, you will be reminded of the calling to your destiny and can move toward the feelings and life that you really want.