No matter how old I get, I still remember so many quotes from my grandparents although they planted these words of wisdom in my mind when I was only ten years old.

“walk behind the law” – Grandma Rema

This message, like so many other ‘Grandma’ quotes, often revisits me and manages to be more and more profound each time I take a few moments to contemplate its meaning.

This particular quote gained a new significance as I considered new ways and metaphors to explain ways for us to minimize resistance in our daily lives. 

In the movie “Days of Thunder”, starring Tom Cruise, the concept of ‘drafting’ was explained from the perspective of a stock car racer. This technique, utilized by the racing car drivers, uses the fact that the car at the front of the pack uses more fuel breaking through the air ahead of it than the cars that are in its ‘draft’ or wake. If a car stays just behind the lead car it can conserve fuel and energy until the time is right to ‘make a move’. 

A similar technique is used by long distance truck (lorry) drivers who will travel closely behind other trucks for long distances.

I say all of that to say this…

If we apply this technique to our lives, we can observe Universal Laws and “walk behind the law” allowing life / the universe to break through any resistance.  As a result we can closely follow this energy and allow ourselves to conserve energy and effort for the times when we choose to make a charge for a finish line or new goal.

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that….

Are you aware of any ‘Universal Laws’ that you could utilize to break the resistance ahead of you? Are you needlessly burning fuel and energy when you could be conserving it for more strategic opportunities? 

Check out the book “Working With Law” by Raymond Holiwell for an interesting perspective on this subject.