Finding Value in the Rubble

For a long time I’ve been hearing about the importance of getting the ‘nuggets’ of value out of situations and life.  This has been a common metaphor that has been used in personal development circles for some time.  It’s common, it’s widely used and that’s why I don’t use it. 

Warren Buffet is quoted as saying,

“Whatever everyone else is doing, do the opposite”

On this occasion, I’m not going with the total opposite.  I am, however, going a little deeper in a different direction.

For a while I’ve preferred – as you may have noticed in my previous blogs – to use that term “gemz” (and yes, I added the ‘z’ just to be even more different).  To me this is goes beyond the nugget metaphor in that;

To find gold nuggets or gems, you can stand or sit in a stream and sift the silt and rocks to see a nugget. The nuggets and gems often stand out because they are shiny. In a stream filled with these treasures – it doesn’t take a genius to find them.  As the number diminishes the skill required to spot the value must increase.  And the skill to spot the difference between a nugget and gem is where the two metaphors take different paths.

 At the time of writing this blog, gold is £912.89 per ounce.  Gold is soft, malleable and more common than precious stones (aka gems).

Gems can easily have greater value per ounce and have other features in their refinement that I prefer.  That is, a gem has value in its raw state, but to distinguish its hidden value and beauty requires skill and knowledge.  The value and beauty of a gem is brought out through the hands of a craftsman that can shape it and carve it to do amazing things with its surroundings.  As we learn and grow, we can develop the skills to identify the value and shape the gem to bring forth the splendour of the stone.

As an example, after the craftsman has taken the gem and worked on it, one gem can make a single ray of light illuminate an entire room.  The light from a small flame can illuminate a room when the light passes through the facets and heart of the gem. And as for its value, ounce of diamonds can cost from about $150 up to $300,000,000.  Especially since a single 141.47 carat diamond (one ounce) would be one of the largest diamonds in the world, it could be priceless.

I say all of that to say this…

Although finding treasures may be similar in the beginning; the value can be exponentially higher when you select a more unique item and you’re willing to put in the time and work to identify the opportunity and make it into something amazing.

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that…

Have you ever been to a lecture or event and taken notes only to put the notebook on a shelf and never look at it again?  (That’s called ‘shelf development’ as opposed to ‘self development’).  Your shelves are filled with gemz waiting to be shaped and polished.  The ray of light actually radiates from you (your passion and experience) and a pocket full (or heart full) of polished gemz could illuminate someone’s day or even their life – starting with your own.

Go to your notes and start to reveal the value that is waiting for you.