Start with a Strategy

I’m sure by now that you see ads, read messages, read blogs, or even have been to a talk or seminar about social media. It seems to me that everybody is talking about the tools and forgetting to focus on the fundamental strategy and the message.

In this blog let’s discuss the broad marketing strategy.

At The Business Wealth Club we have been delivering a more clear and credible message about the use of social media. In some cases it’s less about the tool you use and more about the message sending. In a recent workshop delivered in Birmingham and in Croydon, we shared a few acronyms that are useful and powerful tools that you can use to build a robust marketing strategy.

The 4M’s of marketing;

  1. Market – you need to know your market
  2. Message – you need to have a clear set of statements
  3. Media – based on the previous  two M’s you need to select the correct media channel to reach your market with your message
  4. Method – unless you are a marketing expert you could choose a method that will build trust and flow to the market (community)

As members of The business wealth club, Birmingham will know (because I am the mentor of that club) I have a saying,

“the answer very rarely the answer you need”

The fact is that the real answer you need as a business leader lies in the result of the journey that is made when you know how to effectively and efficiently implement a strategy to get the answer. That’s why The Business Wealth Club is such a powerful community that gets results consistently for its members.

That’s why I love being a part of this community. This is and endorsement of this particular community because I know that it works.  For more information go to