The Delicate Balance In Automating Your Social Media Message

I recall my University professor telling us

“Repetition Makes Reputation”

I’m sure by now that you see ads, read messages, read blogs, or even have been to a talk or seminar about social media. It seems to me that everybody is talking about the tools and forgetting to focus on the fundamental strategy and the message.

In this blog let’s discuss broad marketing messages that can be automated

WARNING: If you plan to apply this approach, you should read the previous blog related to the 4M’s of marketing. Better yet you should attend the next meeting of your nearest branch of The Business Wealth Club. At the club you will learn how to distinguish which channels should or should not have automated messages and which communities are more accepting of this approach. An ineffective application of this strategy could result in you damaging your online reputation.

At  recent workshops delivered at The Business Wealth Clubs in Birmingham and Croydon, we shared a few acronyms that are useful and powerful tools that you can use to build a robust marketing strategy.

V3E – Automated messages

  • Values – what are the values that drive you as a person and your organisation
  • Vision – what is the vision that have for yourself and your business
  • Views – what is your opinion on issues and events that impact you, your community and your customers
  • Events – what events have you attended and what did they do for you. What events are you hosting or attending that would be of interest to other members of your community or marketplace

As members of The Business Wealth Club, Birmingham will know (because I am the mentor of that club) I have a saying,

“the answer very rarely the answer”

The fact is that the real answer typically has more power and beneficial impact as a result of the journey that is made when you know how to effectively and efficiently implement a strategy to get the answer. That’s why The Business Wealth Club is such a powerful community that gets results consistently for its members.

For more information visit your nearest business wealth club to see how and why this community continues to get the results that we get.