“Every little bit helps” When going for gold

It’s been said that little things mean a lot. In fact, my coach Scott Smith from motivationtomove.com, is famous for saying that

“the way to get what you want is to stand up and take a step and repeat until you get we want to go”

although this is plain, simple and very clear, many times it’s so easy for us to overlook how small the step needs to be. It is truly the little things that can be the difference between being good, great and outstanding.

Let’s consider the difference between gold and silver in the 100 meter dash. The difference between the gold medal and the silver medal in the 2008 Olympic finals was 0.2 of a second. The difference between the silver medal and a bronze medal was 0.02 of a second. This makes it clear that even with all of the talent and all of the skill and dedication that was put forth to make it to the finals, and even the fact that the reaction time of Richard Thompson (silver medal) and Walter Dix (bronze medal) was exactly the same one man received a bronze medal for possibly dipping his head a little further deeper or earlier than the other.

If you really want to look closer, Churandy Martina of Netherlands Antilles did not even receive a medal and yet he to was only 0.02 of a second behind Walter Dix. Every little bit counts. No matter how small or insignificant that you think it may be, it counts for something and can be the difference between being an Olympic medallist and someone that is just another stat in the history books.

Consider again the difference between the winning times in the 100 meter freestyle men’s Olympic swimming competition from the year 2000 to the year 2008. In the 2000 Olympics Pieter van den Hoogenband won the gold medal with a time of 48.17 seconds. In the 2008 Olympics Alain Bernard won the gold medal with a time of 47.21 seconds. In the eight years between these two races improvements were made in the fit of costumes body, smoothing and shaping, diet and exercise and not even mentioning the almost immeasurable difference that the sheer will and determination of the individual can make.

This is not to say that the people who came in second place did not have determination. It could even be said that the difference between somebody shaving their body or not, having a more comfortable better fitting set of swimming trunks could have made that slight bit of difference then allowed times to be better than years before or even just fractions of a second better than the person who came in second place.

I say all that to say this….

There can be times when you feel like giving up, or even like cutting corners.

You sometimes have no idea what level of significance not putting in that extra little bit of effort may have on what you want to achieve. Be bold, be courageous and give it your all. These little things add up and can often make the difference between the best or something else just short.

Puzzle me this puzzle me that….

Have you ever let doubt or fear keep you from giving all that you can give? If so, now you know that you always have more to give because the desire that is in you that seeks expression comes from an endless source. With this knowledge you are now equipped with the knowledge that will encourage you to give it your all in every task that you choose to put your hand, head and heart into.