But what does that have to do with my business?

Well, according to ‘the media’ and all of the headlines, we are now in an economic winter. Customers are holding tight to their pounds and pence keeping their wallets as tightly sealed as a man holding his coat closed while walking through a snowstorm.

Again, you may ask “but what does that have to do with my business?”

Maybe, just as with the weather outside, it’s less to do with what the weather is and more to do with what you’re wearing.

We have clothes and materials that we can wear to allow us (as human beings) to be able to function in most environments on – and off – this planet. The same could be said about your business.

Is it possible that you could actually weather this storm (which is just another natural part and natural season in the cycle of economics) if you were wearing the right protective, insulating and weatherproof garments needed to function and thrive in this “winter”.?

I would suggest that there are a few questions that we have to ask ourselves at a time like this.  As a business owner or a leader:

  • Are you prepared to pay the price to the people who can advise you on the best garments to wear,
  • Are willing to pay the price for the material that will allow you to function best in the environment (economy),
  • Will you choose an off-the-shelf winter coat (solution) from a discount retailer or go to a specialist that can provide high-grade high-quality materials that will give you mobility comfort and value you need? (Noting that quality items can be reused when this season returns – and believe me this season will return again someday.)

I say all that to say this….

When it’s raining there are always going to be people who didn’t buy or don’t own an umbrella. In an economic downturn there are always people who are not fully prepared  to make it through the change of economic season.

As with both situations (the physical and economic environments) there are always people will be selling high-quality and low quality solutions to help you make it through the storm. 

You can choose to save your money and ‘make it through’ or you can get kitted up and go out and make the most of it (growing your business and market share at the same time).

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that…

Are you (metaphorically speaking) sitting indoors, feeling trapped by the ‘weather’, looking out of the window at the bad weather watching others getting on with their lives?  Do you have the right ‘clothing’ to go out, face the weather and even have fun?

There are people (coaches and consultants) who can advise you and support you in getting the courage and the clothing that will get you out and about even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

The issue isn’t the weather, it’s whether you have the right tools and protection to do what you want to do even when ‘it’s cold outside’.