Happy New Year! Welcome to 2011

It’s a new year.  The end of year festivities are over and now we wake up to a world where life (and business) goes on.

This can be a good thing. We get a fresh new start.

It’s a new day, a new year and can be a whole new YOU. 

If you’re feeling a bit lost or uncertain about all of this ‘goal setting’ and ‘fresh start’ stuff…..

I’ve got a map for that!…

Part of the end of year tradition is to make a new year’s resolution.  For many people the resolution will fail before it starts because they failed to add a few small, but VERY important elements to it.  Note that ALL of the steps must be completed in order for you to be successful and to reach your objective.  This particular version is called Think!Speak!Be! (TSB):

  1. Think it through – is it really what you want?  Is your reason for wanting it POWERFUL enough to keep you moving?  If so, go to the next step.
  2. Speak it out loud to make sure it still makes sense.  In fact, tell someone who will hold you accountable.
  3. Be” about it.  This means WRITE IT DOWN, plan and schedule specific actions that you will have to do and when you will have to do them.  Then, to quote the Nike slogan “Just Do It” and monitor your progress regularly.

If you need support, there are a number of tools that I can suggest:

And just to be sure… I’m throwing down the gauntlet and putting MY 2011 goals up for the world to see…

1. Give More – Find ways to contribute to society.

a) Establish a scholarship fund. 
b) Establish an award for people who make a difference


2.  Share More  – Find a way to share my experience for the benefit of others.

a) Establish a blog and podcast to share the tools and strategies that I have discovered and will discover.
b) Write a book (printed and ebook)


3.  Make More – Money to establish a firm financial foundation for myself, my family and my community.

a) Spend less and spend smarter
b) Reduce the amount of money I owe by 20%
c) Establish and regularly monitor a budget


4.  Be More – Be more of what I know I can be in my roles as: husband, son, brother (biological and Biblical), friend, colleague.

a) I’ll know I’m on the right track by; the amount of time I spend with the people who matter most to me, the way I feel about the time we spend, the way they feel about the time we spend


5.  Get Up – Consistently wake up early to allow myself time to nurture and build my mind and body.

a) I’ll know I’m on the right track by seeing the number of days per week that I exercise and the number of days per week that I complete my undisturbed prayer/meditation time


6.  Stand Up – Stand for things (word and deed) that will improve the lives of the people in my community and, when necessary, stand against the things that harm us.

a) Establish a way to promote positive things in my life and my local community


7.  Stop – Take specific time out of each week and month to appreciate the places and people who provide richness to my journey.

a) Scheduled (and completed) time away.   Once every two months. 



8.  Look – Read more, learn more about the world and what makes it work. 

(Knowing that I prefer to listen to books rather than sit down and read one…)

a) Read one book per month


9.  Listen – Listen more to my spirit/inner voice, select people, and audio books to guide me so that I can demonstrate wisdom.

a) Establish a forum for others to speak and be heard and to get counsel and input into their lives (and my own)


10.  Don’t Worry – Develop tools and strategies to reduce the amount of stress I feel related to work, finances, relationships and my future.

a) I’ll know I’m on the right track by how I feel at the end of each week when I take time out to look at the gems that I’ve found from my experiences


11.  Be Happy – Spend more time being grateful and content while still being ambitious and visionary.

a) I’ll know I’m on track by how I see myself and how I’m seen by others (broadly) as being more relaxed

Can you tell that there were a couple of songs that inspired my goals? 

Now I’ve gone and done it!  It’s out there.  And if you are reading this, I now have a whole new (global) level of accountability.  I will be sure to update you on my progress.

I say all of that to say this…

The natural order of things DEMANDS growth.  If you aren’t growing you’re dying.  The key to success is knowing what you want, why you want it and then doing something… ANYTHING consistently to move you toward your objective.

Puzzle me this, puzzle me that..

What commitment can you make to yourself right now that you know will make you feel the way you want to feel?  Start there.  Your next step could be to set bigger, better and more fulfilling goals and then to use a MAP (such as the map in this blog) to get from here to where you want to be.  That could be joy, better health, better relationships, more money or inner peace.  The choice is yours, as long as you are willing to take the first step.